LIVE Coverage of ISRO’s Historic Space Missions with ISL Interpretation!

India had another big moment in space when 'Aditya-L1,' our first mission to study the Sun, successfully reached its destination this year. Launched by the 'Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)' on September 2 last year, we made sure to make this space observatory accessible to the Deaf Community in India. Thousands of Deaf individuals and students across the nation watched our LIVE coverage. Making such events accessible added to the pride of our nation, and it was a heartwarming moment for our entire team.

Celebrating Chandrayaan-3's triumphant lunar landing, ISH News proudly ensured inclusivity by providing Sign Language interpretation, making this historic moment accessible to the Deaf community across India. As India rejoiced in becoming the fourth nation to achieve a soft landing on the Moon and the first to do so on its south pole, ISH News extended its innovative platform to narrate the event in Indian Sign Language. Through this initiative, thousands of Deaf individuals had the opportunity to witness and be inspired by this monumental achievement, showcasing our commitment to inclusivity and unity in celebrating our nation's milestones.