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Making “Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki” Accessible

We released total 5 episodes of Colors TV's "Shakti - Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki" with ISL interpretations. The first episode (Shakti Episode 964), released on 7th December, fetched 5,258 views within 1 hour which is an average of 87 new views per min. To date, we have received 2.5+ crore views for the Trailer and the 5 Episodes of Shakti Serials. These videos are available at:

This release has had a huge positive impact on the Deaf Community. The Deaf, who had never enjoyed watching the TV Serials due to lack of accessibility, are now enjoying them with ISL interpretation. They were able to laugh and cry while watching the show with their families. This is the first example of inclusivity at its best.

We have received several positive comments from our followers. This encourages us to consider working with different TV Channels to deliver accessible content to satisfy the demands of 18 million Deaf + 80 million hard of hearing people in India.

This is a huge achievement for the Deaf Community in India. We have shown various entertainment companies that content can be made accessible for the Deaf through Indian Sign Language.

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The Episodes

For the first time in India and the world, ISH News brings to you the Indian Sign Language translation of Shakti - Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. Thanks for watching!! Favorites, Likes, Feedbacks & Shares are always appreciated.

Introducing Sign Names of Shakti

Now the secret is finally out and you all know that for the first time in history, ISH News will be translating a TV serial into Indian Sign Language. Every show has the main lead, the villain, etc. As is part of Deaf culture, we have given each character a unique sign name.

Shakti | Episode 964

Soumya doesn't change her mind despite Heer's heart touching plea and leaves. Preeto tries to calm Heer down and tells her that she has to become successful in life so that when Soumya finally returns, she'll be proud of her. Will Heer be able to move on with her life?

Shakti | Episode 965

Preeto finds Heer dancing at her friend's wedding and reminds her that she should concentrate more on her studies and brings her before Harak Singh. Harak warns Heer that she should never do something like that or else she will be punished. How will Heer react to the scolding?

Shakti | Episode 966

Virat takes up the challenge to propose to Heer. However, with her over-protective brothers around, Soham and Rohan, how will Virat act upon this uphill challenge and succeed? Watch the episode to find out.

Shakti | Episode 967

Virat is questioned by the police and his family as to how he fell from the roof of the college and got hurt. However, seeing Heer shaking with fear, he lies and says that he slipped and no one else is responsible for his injuries. How will Heer feel about being saved by Virat?

Shakti | Episode 968

Heer is left impressed by Virat's antics and how he took a stand in front of her aggressive brothers. She finds herself lost in his thoughts and fails to concentrate on her studies. Tune in to this episode as Heer seems to be falling in love with Virat.

Do You Want More TV Serials in ISL?

ISH News made history by making ‘Shakti’ TV serial accessible to the Deaf Community in ISL! As per the agreement with the TV Serial company, we released 5 episodes as a Pilot test and the response has been amazing! We have received requests to translate so many TV Serial & Movies. Looking at the response, our team is now even more motivated to work hard and continue providing such accessible services to you all.

We have a small request from all of you. Please click on the Survey Form and fill out this simple survey form. Information from these forms will help us convince TV Serial & Movie companies to provide ISL translation services. Please tell everyone to fill out this form so that we collect more data as proof that you want to see TV Serials in ISL. Thank you so much for your constant support!

Positive Comments

We have received several positive comments from our followers.

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