Bringing Accessibility to TVs
via JIO Set-Top-Boxes

Launch of ISH News App for JIO Set-Top-Box

ISH News is proud to announce that we are now streaming on the JIO Set-Top-Box (STB) from 24th of November 2020. JIO is the digital lifeline of 388 million Indians, that provides seamless wireless and wireline data connectivity across the country. This collaboration with JIO was intended to provide accessible content to the 18 million Deaf individuals & 80+ million Hard of Hearing individuals across India especially in remote areas who do not have access to education and they are not exposed to accessible forms of media.

Now, that ISH News is available on JIO's STB, such individuals stand to benefit from our 100% accessible videos. This will help Deaf & Hard of Hearing individuals across India to independently understand information and thus contribute to the nation productively.

JIO STB Promo Image

Earlier the hearing individuals would watch the news on the TV and discuss it among themselves, leaving the Deaf member of the family isolated since they are not able to understand the spoken language. Now even Deaf individuals can follow the news, thanks to ISH News videos which are completely accessible with Indian Sign Language (ISL), voice-over, and subtitles. With sincere thanks to JIO for its support and collaboration, we have made those videos available on TV via JIO STB. This is why Deaf and Hearing individuals are now able to watch the ISH News videos together and nobody is excluded.

Wasn’t that a fantastic surprise? In the comments section, we saw that many of you wanted to see ISH News on TV. Well, we have finally made it possible! So quickly head over to the JIO STB and start watching our videos!

JIO is a brand that believes in quality and customer satisfaction and we at ISH, are truly impressed and grateful to the company’s dedication to “inclusion” and the provision of "Accessibility" to People with Disabilities in India.

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