Trailer Launch of Marathi Film “BABA”

ISH News attended the trailer launch of the Marathi Movie “BABA” where our representatives interviewed Superstars like Sanjay Dutt and talented actors. The movie is about a special connection between a father and a son. The movie is completely in Sign Language. Sunil Saharabudhe a talented Indian Sign Language expert was hired to train the actors in the film.

The theme of the film is that love knows no language. The strong emotional connection between the characters makes up for the absence of dialogue in the film. ISH News interviewed talented actors such as Abhijeet Khandkekar, Nadita Patkar, Deepak Dobriyal, Directed Ashok Subhedar as well the talented child artist Aaryan Menghji.

During the interviews the passion and sincerity of the actors to learn and do justice to Indian Sign Language shone through. They worked very hard with Sunil to master the nuances of Deaf culture. They worked day and night at dangerous locations to capture the true view of rural India. We urge everyone to watch the movie and understand that love and emotions truly have no language.

The entire ISH News team was invited to the grand premiere of the marathi movie ‘Baba’. The movie displays a strong emotional relationship between a Deaf father and his son. Their strong emotions in the movie will surely tug at your heartstrings. We urge all Deaf individuals to go watch the movie and see the power of Sign Language. Whether you know Marathi or not, this movie is accessible to everyone because the entire movie has English subtitles.The Producer of the movie Mr Ashok Subhedar who is co-producing the film Baba, is offering a 20% special discount on tickets for the tickets. This offer is only valid in Maharashtra- For Now.

The 20% discount can be availed by using the code ‘BABA4DEAF’ on the bookMyShow App or Website. However, only the first 500 people can use the code and from one Mobile number & email id, the coupon can be used only once and for maximum 3 tickets only.

There is another option for individuals who want to book tickets for large groups. All you have to do is contact these Deaf leaders: Rajesh Kulkarni (Thane District) +919757496326, Pradeep More (Mumbai) +919021047608, Ashish Nahar (Mumbai) +919892526283, Aniket Salgaonkar (Maharashtra) +9188600099957, Maha Sundaram (Mumbai) +919987260589 and Chetan Motiwala (Mumbai) +919664073916. Contact any of these leaders and they will help you book tickets for the movie.

We hope that you do not miss the opportunity to watch this great film family. Please share this video with your family, friends and anyone who is interested. Do not miss out on this special discount. This offer is valid from 2nd August to 7th August.