Live Interpretation

Importance of Live ISL Interpretation

In ISH, we have harnessed the power of live ISL interpretation to bridge the gap between Deaf and hearing communities, offering a groundbreaking service that ensures real-time access to information for all. With our ability to provide simultaneous Indian Sign Language (ISL) interpretations of live videos, we are breaking down barriers and empowering Deaf individuals to engage with content in a manner previously unimaginable. Through our YouTube channel, these live ISL interpretations bring videos to life for Deaf viewers, allowing them to experience the excitement, emotion, and nuance of the content alongside their hearing peers and family members.

The live interpretation not only democratizes access to information but also fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging within the Deaf community. By eliminating the delay between the release of content and its accessibility to Deaf individuals, we are ensuring that they remain on equal footing with their hearing counterparts, both in terms of knowledge acquisition and cultural engagement.

Without live interpretation, Deaf individuals would undoubtedly be left at a disadvantage, constantly playing catch-up in a world that moves at lightning speed. By championing this innovative approach, ISH is not only leveling the playing field but also empowering Deaf individuals to actively participate in the digital age, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and shared experiences.

Live ISL Translations

With the permission from News broadcasters, we had created an accessible version of their Live feed with Indian Sign Language for the Deaf community and streamed them via our YouTube channel.

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