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The Best Solution for 18 Million Deaf People

This 7-minute video will give you a clear understanding of ISH News and why it is the best solution for the lack of accessibility to information faced by the deaf people in India.


The main purpose of ISH News is to provide the news and information accessible format to the 18 million deaf people in India. As News Channels on TV convey the information in spoken language, the deaf people are deprived of this information as they cannot hear. Sign Language is the natural language of the deaf since with their missing sense of hearing they rely heavily on the sense of sight and touch for communication in their daily lives. Hence, every video of ISH News that is narrated in Indian Sign Language will greatly benefit the deaf people with access to information.

The inclusion of closed-captions and background voice ensures that the News is also accessible to the public and promotes the inclusion of all individuals, whilst maintaining the awareness on deafness. With this “inclusion”, our aim is to create equal opportunities for the people with disabilities.

How is ISH News Valuable for the Community?

News & Entertainment in Accessible Format for All

All the videos of ISH News come in Sign Language with Voiceover, Visual Images and Subtitles to ensure that they are accessible not only to the Deaf but also to all other viewers.

ISH News - Accessibility
ISH News - Entertainment

Keeps You Updated at all Times

The team of ISH News work day & night to bring daily News and Entertainment to keep you up-to date on news from around the world.

Visual Education for All Ages

As the daily news narrations are provided in Sign Language which is visually descriptive, the subtitles along with the image boxes help the viewers of all ages in building their vocabulary skills besides their General Knowledge.

ISH News - Education
ISH News - Parents and Child

Connecting Hearing Parents with Deaf Children

With the videos in accessible format for both the hearing parents and their deaf children, we intend to establish a strong communication link and foster a closer relationship between them.

Preservation of Indian Sign Language (ISL)

Indian Sign Language (ISL), the natural language of the deaf people in India, is being diluted with the influence of International Sign Language spread globally via their online videos. ISH News strictly adopts Indian Sign Language (ISL) in its video channels to preserve the rich language and educating the public.

Preservation of ISL
ISH News - Awareness

Awareness on “Deafness” and its Culture

By maintaining nationwide awareness on the Deafness and their rich Culture, we hope to build your confidence in the abilities of the deaf persons to achieve their goals.

The Team of Deaf Professionals and CODAs

ISH News - Team 2019