Technology + Indian Sign Language (ISL) = Accessbility Solutions in Deaf Community

India Signing Hands (ISH) was founded on 22nd November 2018 by Mr. Alok Kejriwal, with the goal of providing the solutions to “Accessibility” issues faced by the deaf people in India. Alok is a deaf individual who faced difficulties in acquiring news from TV channels or communicating with hearing people due to lack of accessibility tools such as interpreters and subtitles. Realising that many deaf persons would also be facing the same issues like him, he shared with Aqil Chinoy, also deaf person from the deaf family, and Mansi Shah, hearing child of deaf parents, the thought of establishing own firm that will carter to the accessibility needs of the 1.8 Crore deaf people. When Aqil and Mansi, as well as Alok’s entire family agreed to support his idea, that is when the idea of launching ISH took birth.



One of the biggest barriers for the deaf is their limited access to communication and information, cutting them off from important resources. We are developing solutions with the use of technology.


By maintaining the awareness, our main objective is to eradicate the false stereotypes about the deaf and to draw the Governments' attention to their demands for rights and equal opportunities.


We intend to build a bridge between the deaf and the hearing communities by developing solutions for their access to communication.

What We Love to Do?

Go out of the ways to achieve the goals
Overcome the new challenges
Empower the deaf people

How Can You Help Us?

Extend your support to achieve our dreams
Provide services that will help the deaf community
Get involved and be part of our community